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Wow, it's been four weeks? Really? *facepalm* Not good. Well, I come with an update. Hope it delivers.

Title: Weight
Genre: Romance, Remus/Lily, James/Lily
Rating: PG
Warnings: None (gasp!)
Summary: Lily is engaged to James, but there's one person she can't forget no matter how hard she tries.

He squeezes my arm, and I feel him. There.Collapse )


So, I had a rather difficult time writing "Drink, Declaration" mainly because I had drunk Marauders, and they were being exceedingly silly. Here's what got cut from the story. Enjoy. =)

He was the cheese to his macaroni.Collapse )

Tee hee.


Drink, Declaration

Title: Drink, Declaration
Rating: R
Warnings: Substance abuse, language, sexual situations
Summary: It all started with a drink. Angsty Sirius/Remus, MWPP-era.
Word count: 935
Author's notes: For frailtyoffaith, who will probably kill me for making this angsty, but it's for her nonetheless.

He wants to drink it all in, milk it all for what it's worth before it all withers away. And it will.Collapse )

Good night, Sister

Title: Good night, Sister
Rating: G
Warnings: None (gasp)
Summary: It is the night before the wedding. Jasper sneaks out to see how Bella is holding up.
Word count: 2836
Author's notes: This is probably the "safest" fic on this journal - that is to say, unless you count some light humour and slight fluff as dangerous, you're okay. Admittedly not my best, though. Oh well. It's still here. 


Ode to a Star

Title: Ode to a Star
Rating: PG
Warnings: Substance use, language
Summary: Sirius, once the Crown Prince of the Black family, has run away, never to return to the bitter life he once knew. Now, he stands on the balcony of the Potter manor, pondering what has been and what could be.
Word count: 1403

Ode to a StarCollapse )

To Armageddon and Back

Title: To Armageddon and Back
Rating: PG
Warning: Substance abuse, language
Summary: Post-OotP. Sirius has just died, and Remus is devastated. He lies on the rooftop of his house, contemplating, wallowing, and reminiscing.
Word count: 4114

To Armageddon and BackCollapse )

Intros are in order, I suppose. . .

Welcome to my writing journal! I'm using this space mainly to put all my fanfiction in one place, and also to publish some works I don't intend on uploading to MNFF or Twilight Archives.

A few things: no, I won't lock my entries, but I will ask you now to please respect my work. That means absolutely NO plagiarism. Constructive criticism is very much welcome, and I also accept fic requests. Also, I tend to write anything upwards of a PG-13 rating, so please be discreet. Don't say I didn't warn you.

After all that, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Tata.